About Us                    

Lead the Way dog training provides an optimum learning environment for your dog using modern, scientifically proven, force free training methods. Helping you train and understand your dog better.  Get great results  through trust, respect and having fun.

Gilda has over 7 years experience training dogs using modern, force free techniques. She has a, 'Certificate IV in Companion Animal  Services', attained through the Delta Society and is a member of The Delta Institute, The Pet Professionals Guild Australia and the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).

Gilda is passionate about helping owner’s improve their knowledge and understanding of their beloved canine pals. Offering personalised training programs, small class groups and owner education. By minimizing class size this allows her to evaluate and monitor your dog’s progress and by observing your dog’s body language she is able to assess any potential behaviourial issues.

Force free training helps create an optimum learning environment, not only for your dog, but you will enjoy it too.  When training with ‘lead the way’, dogs will not experience any harsh methods (i.e. Check chains, lead corrections), which can cause stress and this will reduce their ability to learn. Using her understanding of classical and operate conditioning Gilda can help you teach your dog effectively and improve your relationship, understanding and communication. 

Classes are fun, flexible and suitable for all ages and skill levels.